Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong 2019

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  • Movie: Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong (English title) / Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jajeonchawang Uhmbokdong
  • Hangul: 자전차왕 엄복동
  • Director: Kim Yoo-Sung
  • Writer: Kim Yoo-Sung
  • Producer: Lee Sang-Min
  • Cinematographer: Park Yong-Soo
  • Release Date: February 27, 2019
  • Runtime: 118 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Sports
  • Distributor: Celltrion Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Uhm Bok-Dong was a cyclist in Korea during the Japanese colonial era. He competed against Japanese cyclists and won. He became a hero to the people in Korea.


  1. Based on the true story of bicyclist Uhm Bok-Dong (1892-1951).
  2. Kang So-RaMin Hyo-Rin and Park Jin-Joo previously appeared together in 2011 film “Sunny.”
  3. Filming began April 18, 2017 and finished September 29, 2017.


Bicyle King Uhm Bok Dong-Rain.jpg Race to Freedom-Kang So-Ra.jpg Race to Freedom-Lee Beom-Soo.jpg Bicyle King Uhm Bok Dong-Min Hyo-Rin.jpg Kim Hee-Won
Rain Kang So-Ra Lee Beom-Soo Min Hyo-Rin Kim Hee-Won
Uhm Bok-Dong Kim Hyung-Shin Hwang Jae-Ho Kyung-Ja Sakamoto
Race to Freedom-Ko Chang-Seok.jpg Bicyle King Uhm Bok Dong-Lee Si-Un.jpg Race to Freedom-Park Jin-Joo.jpg Race to Freedom-Song Jae-Ho.jpg Race to Freedom-Park Geun-Hyung.jpg
Ko Chang-Seok Lee Si-Un Park Jin-Joo Song Jae-Ho Park Geun-Hyung
An Do-Min Lee Hong-Dae Bong-Sun King Gojong Hasekawa
Race to Freedom-Lee Kyoung-Young.jpg Race to Freedom-Lee Won-Jong.jpg Race to Freedom-Lee Han-Wi.jpg Race to Freedom-Kim Il-Woo.jpg
Lee Kyoung-Young Lee Won-Jong Lee Han-Wi Kim Il-Woo
Um Sun-Yang Choi Jae-Pil shoe repair shop owner bicycle shop owner

Additional Cast Members:

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Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong 2019

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