How Do You Play Episode 25 Subtitle Indonesia

Cara Download di Drakoric + Video Tutorial

How Do You Play Episode 25 Subtitle Indonesia

One of the best MCs in the country, Yu Jae Seok, often asks about how others play on their day-offs. It has gotten to the point that he says this out of habit. This saying of his sparks an idea in Kim Tae Ho’s head. He gets the thought of filming celebrities on their day-offs on a relay camera. So Tae Ho hands a small and portable camera to Jae Seok out of the blue. Tae Ho just leaves Jae Seok alone after handing him a camera. At first, Jae Seok is taken aback but goes along with the idea. Starting with Jae Seok, celebrities get handed a camera to film their everyday lifestyle. Some may work out to get in shape, some may simply rest up from their tiring schedule, and others may meet up with friends they didn’t have the time to. From well-known comedians to global superstars, the relay camera captures unexpected and uniques stories. Take a peek at what the celebrities are up to on their day-offs and discover something new about them.

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How Do You Play Episode 25 Subtitle Indonesia

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Cara Download di Drakoric + Video Tutorial

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