Another Child 2019

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  • Movie: Another Child
  • Revised romanization: Miseongnyeon
  • Hangul: 미성년
  • Director: Kim Yun-Seok
  • Writer: Kim Yun-Seok, Lee Bo-Ram
  • Producer: Lee Seung-Bok
  • Cinematographer: Hwang Ki-Seok
  • Release Date: April 11, 2019
  • Runtime: 96 min.
  • Distributor: Showbox
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Joo-Ri (Kim Hye-Jun) and Yoon-A (Park Se-Jin) are both second year high school students. One day, they meet on the rooftop of their school.

Joo-Ri and Yoon-A recently found out that Joo-Ri’s father Dae-Won (Kim Yun-Seok) and Yoon-A’s mother Mi-Hee (Kim So-Jin) were having an affair. Joo-Ri wants to resolve the situation without her mother Young-Joo (Yum Jung-Ah) knowing, but Yoon-A isn’t interested. Joo-Ri’s cellphone then rings and it’s her mother Young-Joo calling. Yoon-A snatches Joo-Ri’s cellphone and reveals the secret to her.


  1. Movie is the first feature film directed by actor Kim Yun-Seok.


Another Child-Yum Jung-Ah.jpg Another Child-Kim So-Jin1.jpg Another Child-Kim Hye-Jun.jpg Park Se-Jin Another Child-Kim Yun-Seok.jpg
Yum Jung-Ah Kim So-Jin Kim Hye-Jun Park Se-Jin Kim Yun-Seok
Young-Joo Mi-Hee Joo-Ri Yoon-A Dae-Won
Kim Hee-Won Lee Hee-Joon Another Child-Jeong Jong-Jun.jpg Lee Jung-Eun Lee Sang-Hee
Kim Hee-Won Lee Hee-Joon Jeong Jong-Jun Lee Jung-Eun Lee Sang-Hee
Teacher Kim Park Seo-Bang funeral service employee breakwater middle-aged woman nurse in charge
Another Child-Yum Hye-Ran.jpg Another Child-Jung Yi-Rang.jpg Another Child-Kim Hye-Yoon.jpg
Yum Hye-Ran Jung Yi-Rang Kim Hye-Yoon
pregnant woman’s mom pregnant woman Jung Hyun-Joo

Additional Cast Members:

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Another Child 2019

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